index_img1.gif Significant changes in consumer behaviour can be achieved
Education and information will affect consumer behaviour through awareness-building Economic incentives (taxes/subsidies) will effect behavioural changes Regulation (banning) affects consumer behaviour directly (AV 84) How could research contribute to a better understanding of change in consumer preferences?
We turn now to the second “leg” of the argument (map “Steering 2”). Having checked the evidence for the impact of consumer behaviour (in contrast to effects by regulations on the production level), the discussion turns to the methods and strategies by which a change in consumer behaviour could be achieved. The map presents just some of the possible approaches. (Note: These approaches are presented in the form of claims so as to preserve the structure of the argument map.)
These are our questions: In order to arrive at a more sustainable consumption behaviour, change will be necessary. What extent of change in consumer behaviour will be possible? What do we know about the circumstances of behavioural change: What methods and strategies can trigger changes? What do we know about their efficiency?