index_img1.gif What general advice can be given?
Do not focus on the needs of policy makers, because this leads to simplistic ABC paradigms (attitudes, behaviour, choices) in sustainable consumption research. Instead, social science should analyse the dynamics of practices and change in order to produce a more realistic picture of how elements are linked together (= Practice Theory) Look at how other fields have dealt with the challenge of policy advice: e.g. the nutritional sciences Upscaling and implementation is more important than ever more pilot-projects In politics as in the media, the framing of a message often is more important than the message itself Politics is not the only relevant actor when it comes to giving  scientific knowledge a voice in practical matters! Think from the consumer perspective, not only environmentalism How can individual researchers promote their research findings? (AV 16)
Finally, we come to third point: General advice.The map lists a variety of suggestions. Some of these concern the question of marketing research results, others the completion of a research agenda and the definition of possible fields for political action.