Dialogue Mapping in Virtual Teams

Auf den Berlin Change Days 2014 (31.10. – 2.11.) gibt es einen Workshop zu

Dialogue Mapping for Collaborative Problem Solving in Virtual Teams

One feature about new approaches to collaboration (as opposed to old-fashioned teamwork) is that in collaboration, participants often are rather loosely connected to each other and have to cooperate without predefined role models or ways of interaction. Online communication is a common way how such virtual teams self-organize. In this workshop, we show how Dialogue Mapping (a technique for visualized problem structuring) can be used to enhance performance of virtual teams. For purposes of demonstration, we will present a Dialogue Map summarizing the results of an online-debate on the topic “How should companies respond to the diminished necessity of running a large organization?” During the workshop, we will complement, refine and evaluate the already existing proposals – again with the help of Dialogue Mapping.

Auf Youtube steht auch noch ein einminütiges Erklärfilmchen zum Workshop.